One Direction Does A Q&A With Tumblr

Tumblr has done a Q&A with One Direction for its Storyboard section. The social media site claims there are half a million Tumblr blogs devoted to the band’s every move. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Tumblr: What’s it like to have swarms of girls chasing you across the globe?

Liam Payne: It’s very flattering, obviously, as we can see how much they care for us. We just hope they’re crying tears of joy! None of us could obviously ever have imagined this just two years ago. I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming, to be honest. I don’t think there is anything hard about having such a dedicated fan base. It is actually great to know that there are people out there that love what we do since we put so much hard work into it. The pressure to not disappoint them is obviously there!

Tumblr: One Direction is often the most popular topic on Tumblr. Do you think 1D could have existed before the Internet era?

Zayn Malik: I think that it would have, yes, but it would have taken us so much longer to get established worldwide. The Internet helped us jump all the classic hurdles that bands had back in the day.

Tumblr: What kinds of gifts do you get from fans?

Niall Horan: Fans do come up with some amazing gifts. The amount of detail they put in creating banners for the shows or drawings of us is incredible. We keep most of them and when we are on tour, we have them all collected and sent back to the U.K. We also get given some crazy stuff but we don’t mind that.

Tumblr: Did you ever go wild for a band or singer when you were growing up?

Harry Styles: My biggest idol has always been Chris Martin from Coldplay. He is such a great singer, performer and writer. If I could be as talented as any musician, it would be him all day long.

Tumblr: What makes 1D different from the other acts?

Liam: I don’t know. I think we just try to be ourselves as much as possible and never take anything too seriously.

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