Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus: Pilates Pair

Liam Hemsworth went to exercise with fiancee Miley Cyrus in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (July 14). The pair were seen leaving a Pilates class together to fans waiting outside. Miley happily stopped to take photos with them. The 19-year-old former Hannah Montana star wore black leggings and a gray tank over a red bra. Earlier upon arrival to the building she wore a cropped top.

Liam is back in town after filming scenes for his new movie Empire State in New York City last week.

Is Miley covering up more for the sake of Liam’s parents? A source tells the National Enquirer that Liam’s mom doesn’t like when she wears skimpy outfits.

The source said, “[Liam’s Mum] Leonie is a very conservative teacher and the pictures [of Miley in shorts] were too much for her. She informed Liam she was very upset and wanted him to tell Miley. She doesn’t want the future mother of her grandkids walking around with her bottom hanging out.

“The sad thing is Liam warned her about wearing the derriere exposing white denim shorts before. He’s furious with her because his mom freaked out over the photos.”

The insider added that Miley is being more considerate on the way she portrays herself in public stating, “she realized that since she’s engaged her actions affect other people, especially Liam and his family.”



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