Zendaya: Seeing Clearly

Zendaya can see clearly now. The Shake It Up star accessorized her outfit with a pair of chic geek glasses (with a bow) and posted it to Twitter on Saturday (July 14).

Earlier this week Zendaya and co-star Bella Thorne taped an episode of Extra at The Grove in Glendale, Calif. The girls chatted about their upcoming mini-movie, Made In Japan, and then had an impromptu meet-and-greet with a few lucky fans.

It was a busy week for the pair – after their Extra appearance Bella and Zendaya stopped by radio station KIIS-FM to talk about their on-screen chemistry and how it helped Shake It Up become a hit.

“Like Zendaya always says, this is her signature thing to say, ‘Dance is a universal language.’ It just requires friendship, and every girl has a best friend,” Bella said. “Our characters Rocky and Cece they’re not perfect…they’re not like, ‘Oh yay, let’s go do this!’ My character is the one that always gets them into trouble and she always has to get us out. So, we have some rough edges here and there, but we work it out.”

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  1. Elliott Harris

    Zendaya looks funny.

  2. YOU know ZENDAYA i like those glasses and you always rocking everything you wear and you are the best fan i ever saw now if you have a concert please let me know please thank you keep swagging out

  3. Emily

    hello i love zendaya i wanna meet her so bad she is my idol xxxxxx i copy the dance moves all the time i bretend i am her xxxxx


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