Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale In Back-To-School Bongo Ad

Pretty Little Liars stars Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale are in the new Bongo back-to-school campaign. Teen Vogue published a few of their quotes.

Ashley says, “Being the face of Bongo is so cool. Lucy and I have a great time together, and the shoots are always really fun. We’ve gotten to go to New York for two of them, and then Miami for another one, and it’s super fun. The clothes are really cute, and it’s like playing dress up all day and hanging out with your friends!”

Lucy reveals, “I’m a huge people watcher, so I’ll go to malls and watch people I pass by. I just see things from people I work with, my peers, obviously magazines, TV shows like Gossip Girl, anything! That’s what’s so cool about fashion. It’s a form of art, and you can find inspiration from basically anything.”

She also adds, “I was lucky that I found something that I loved to do at a young age, so I encourage people to find something they love to do – whether it’s painting, or singing, or being a Pretty Little Liar! Just find something you love!”



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