Kristen Stewart Affair Not Sexual, Claims Producer Pal

By Bruce Baker

Kristen Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders was not sexual, claims a producer friend of the actress. Giovanni Agnelli, who produced “Welcome To The Rileys,” went on a Twitter rant days ago in defense of KStew. Now, he’s trending on social media.

Tuesday, the Daily Mail followed up on a story from the day before about Agnelli’s string of bizarre tweets. Apparently, he has come forth as perhaps a surrogate and unofficial spokesperson for the troubled actress over her recent affair.

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  1. It seems the fate of Kristen Stewart has reached new diabolical levels with reports that she may now may even be pregnant and that she may not even know who the father is. Can the (dis)illusion of America’s demi god be any more quagmired….?

    Maybe Robert Pattinson will have to take Kristen back or maybe it’s all just a fabulous wishful fairy tale courtesy of media who are stooping to new lows….?

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