Happy 19th Birthday Francesca Eastwood!

Happy birthday to Francesca Eastwood! The daughter of Clint Eastwood and Francis Fisher turns 19 today (August 7).

Francesca has mostly been raised by Dina Eastwood – whom she calls “mom”. The blonde model can be seen on their E! reality show Mrs. Eastwood and Company. A few of the story lines feature the teen’s relationship to famed photographer Tyler Shields.

According to the E! site – Francesca Eastwood is described as “a bit of a free spirit and an adventure seeker” and the “muse” for her celebrity photographer boyfriend.

“Deeply in love, the couple has been together since 2011 and as a result, Francesca’s world and her relationships are changing.”

Francesca already has Tweeted a photo of an early birthday present. Showing off a sparkling ring worn on her right hand she writes: “Thank you @tylershields for the best present ever.”




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  1. Paul Smith

    Congratulations for a biological event! But seriously, may you have many more – not in quantity per se, but in qureality. Worked for her dad back in 1988. Best time of my life, so far, but I hope and pray that I’ll be a part of building something greater. Take care from whom you take advice- so many offer with strings attached. Rarely will someone offer out of love.


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