Robert Pattinson Dashes To His ‘GMA’ Interview

Robert Pattinson was seen dashing out of a car at ABC Studios in New York City on Wednesday (August 15). Even early in the morning the actor looks gorgeous. The night before he was more dressed down in jeans, a hoodie and a baseball cap when he arrived a this hotel downtown.

Sitting down with George Stephanopoulos – Robert dodged any Kristen Stewart questions. When asked about the “elephant in the room,” he gestured to the crowd and said, “I mean, you know, they seem pretty excited about kind of whatever. They’re literally like… I’d like my fans to know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch has 30 calories per bowl. Pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth is irrelevant.”

According to the Huffington Post – when talking about his personal life he became vague.

The Cosmopolis star said, “It’s a different thing. You go into it to do movies. I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life. That’s the reason why you go on TV, is to promote movies.”

Just like his interview with Jon Stewart on Monday – he confirmed he did not have a publicist.

He added, “People don’t find the personal lives of people with much more power than any celebrity as interesting. If you put the personal lives of people who controlled billions of dollars on front page of every paper, I think the world would be a better place.”



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