Who Is Taylor Swift Singing About In ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’?

In her just-released single Taylor Swift sings to an ex-boyfriend that they are “never ever getting back together.” But who is she singing to? We may never know – although Taylor is famous for biting back at her exes through her lyrics, she is also notoriously private when it comes to revealing who she’s singing about.

But that hasn’t stopped fans (and the press) from trying to guess who the 22-year-old is vowing never to reunite with. Among the names mentioned: Twilight star (and Valentine’s Day co-star) Taylor Lautner, actor Jake Gyllenhaal and singer John Mayer. But the most speculation is centering around Joe Jonas, who went through a very public breakup with Taylor a few years ago – she has admitted that ‘Forever & Always’ (from her ‘Fearless’ album) is about their painful split.

Joe was interviewed on a Washington D.C. radio station on Wednesday (August 15) and wanted to set the record (no pun intended) straight. “It’s not about me, because I don’t think we’ve ever tried another time,” he said.

After some good-natured ribbing from the radio host, Joe diplomatically continued, “I like the song. Taylor does pop music really well, and I’m happy for her.”

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