Kellan Lutz Recalls Fave Moments Before ‘Twilight’ Craze

Kellan Lutz on WhoSay

Kellan Lutz took to his Twitter page on Sunday (August 26) to post pictures of himself working on a “handy” project.

He wrote: “Working in my friend Adam’s lab… Invention time. Time to change the world.”

To add to the fun he had fans try to guess what he was making. He added, “Mold complete…good luck guessing what I’m working on… give it a try and guess, I dare you.”

This past week the actor was at an event when he said he cherishes the time before the Twilight films became a hit.

He told US Weekly, “I gotta say my favorite moments were during . . . the first movie, before any of this craze happened. We were just ourselves, no one really knew who we were yet. We haven’t changed per se, but we were able to get away with a lot more. I remember Peter (Facinelli) and Jackson (Rathbone) and myself would go to different bars and different concerts. We’d go do karaoke all the time.”

As for fame – he admits it’s a “double-edged sword.”

“I don’t really like to comment on everyone else’s process, but I think we’ve all done the best we could with this. It’s a blessing but it can be surreal sometimes. I don’t know if we all knew what we were fully getting into on all fronts.”

The final Twilight film hits theaters November 16.


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