One Direction Signs Deal With Pepsi

It’s a secret – but not a well kept one. One Direction has reportedly signed a deal with Pepsi. According to The Sun the boys recently filmed a video alongside American football’s biggest names in New Orleans.

A source said, “This is a huge deal for them in monetary terms — but even bigger for status as the coverage they’ll get from it is massive. They’re already stars across America, but this could catapult them to superstardom. The boys were under strict instructions to stay quiet on this one and refrain from tweeting about their whereabouts.”

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is also in the ad. An insider spilled the beans to the British paper.

“They flew to Tampa before boarding a private jet laid on by Pepsi to New Orleans where they met Drew Brees, who taught them the ropes on American football. Other football stars are in the ad too.” reports that Drew replied to a fan question on Twitter on Sept. 4.

He wrote: “Wait til you see it!!! I was part of the band!”

That Tweet has since been mysteriously deleted.

In the meantime One Direction are getting ready for their appearance at the VMAs and the November release of Take Me Home.

Niall Horan explained the album and title to Ryan Seacrest.

He said, “We thought about it for a while. Because we all would do a lot of traveling around the world and we get to see a lot of cool places, but the main thing is there’s no place like home. It’s always kind of nice to go home…We’re obviously nervous. The second album you never know what you’re going to get from it. But we’re really excited about it. It’s really fun, very heavy on guitars and drums, so we’re super excited about it.”


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