Watch The Trailer For Cody Simpson’s Interactive Movie ‘Finding Cody’

Didn’t get a ticket to see Cody Simpson in concert? Don’t despair – here’s your chance to get a close-up look at your idol. The singer’s new interactive movie, Finding Cody lets viewers feel like they’re part of the action (And no, it’s not a sequel to Finding Nemo.)

The movie stars Lia Marie Johnson and Gatlin Green as fans who are trying to score tickets to a Cody Simpson concert – the interactive part comes in when the viewers are able to choose how the girls get themselves in to see their idol. Check out the trailer:

And if that isn’t enough Cody for you, the 15-yearold heartthrob’s much-anticipated album, Paradise, drops on October 2. In an earlier interview with MTV News he talked about how he wanted the new songs to give fans an authentic glimpse into his life.

“I’ve created music on this album that represents my lifestyle. I try to incorporate a lot of Australian inspirations, how I grew up and the lifestyle I try to represent because I’m just a kid from the beach and I surf a lot,’ he said. “And I want to make a bunch of pop music, but I also want to make a bunch of that real acoustic, chill, beach kind of music.”

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