Who’s The Mystery Band That Plays With Taylor Swift On ‘Red’?

Taylor Swift likes to keep everyone guessing. As usual she’s refusing to name the subject of her latest song – in this case it’s ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ – and now the singer is teasing fans with a mystery guest on her new album ‘Red.’

While Taylor has already revealed that British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran appears on the new disc, she’s remaining tight-lipped about “her favorite band” who she collabs with. “I do [have features]. Actually the song that I wrote with [Ed] is a duet and actually there’s another one that is a duet with my absolute favorite band,” she says. “And I want to leave that as a secret for closer to when the album comes out…it’s one of the songs I’m most excited about on this album.”

But the 22-year-old is an open book when it comes to her pairing with Ed – even revealing their unusual songwriting method. “Yes, I actually I wrote a song with Ed Sheeran on a trampoline in my backyard for the new album,” Taylor told MTV News.

“So I can’t wait for you guys to hear that,” she continued. “That’s a song called ‘Everything Is Changed.’ We, for real, [were] sitting on my trampoline in my backyard cause we had been writing a song and I was like ‘Hey, I just got a trampoline. You want to see it?’

“And so, he brought the guitar for some reason. We ended up writing an entire song out there. For portions of the song, [we were bouncing around] ’cause it’s a trampoline and it’s fun, and the combined maturity level of both of us is 8 years old.”

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