Selena Gomez Leaves Toronto After Weekend At TIFF

Selena Gomez headed to Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada on Sunday (September 9) after spending the weekend at TIFF. Ever so gracious, she made time to stop for photos with a few fans after she checked out of her hotel.

Wearing a white tank under a mesh sweater and white loose pants she looked down and held onto her passport as she walked through the terminal. Justin Bieber wasn’t with her even though he did sit in on the Hotel Transylvania press junket at the festival.

Besides that movie she also was promoting Spring Breakers. At the press conference the 20-year-old talked about her role.

She said, “It’s hard for people to take me seriously, because of the brand I’ve been given, but it’s not necessarily me breaking out of anything. I’m super passionate about the acting part of what I do and sometimes I just want to do [creative endeavors] for myself.”



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