Zac Efron Suits Up For ‘Paperboy’ Premiere

Zac Efron attended The Paperboy premiere at TIFF in Toronto, Canada on Thursday (September 14). The 24-year-old was all smiles and looked dapper in his suit. Director Lee Daniels and his co-star David Ovelowo were also there.

In an interview with The Toronto Star – the 24-year-old talked about the scene in the movie where his onscreen lover Nicole Kidman pees on him.

He shared, “Now I can say this. Lee just kept saying to me, “She’s really going to pee on you!” He wanted me to react with a good scare, but I was just like, “It’s cool. I’m ready. I’m ready to rock.” But I still don’t know what happened.

“I was in the moment . . . nah, they had a rig! It’s not actually Nicole’s pee!”




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