Vanessa Hudgens: “It’s A Whole New Chapter”

Vanessa Hudgens reveals the sexy side of herself on the cover of Untitled magazine. Wearing smokey eyeshadow and biting her finger – the 23-year-old is portraying herself in a more grownup fashion.

In the interview the actress talks about maturing.

She said, “High School Musical was incredible, and it was so fun, and it gave me so many fans, which I’m very, very thankful for; but it also closed people’s minds up as to which characters I could portray. So, for a while, I was kind of struggling and fighting for these roles that I just desperately wanted. […] Definitely crossing over and being able to tackle these grittier parts was a challenge, but I feel like I’ve done it! It’s a whole new chapter!”

Hudgens will have to wait how fans will react when they see her play a stripper in the movie Frozen Ground – opening on November 30.


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Photo credit: Untitled magazine

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