Kristen Stewart: Smilin’ At Paris Fashion Week

Kristen Stewart actually looks happy! The actress – who is the face of Balenciaga – showed up at the label’s fashion show in Paris, France on Friday (September 27) smiling away. Wearing the brand’s yellow leather jacket and black and white floral pants she looks like a new person after weeks of putting on a scowl for the cameras.

People reports that she and Robert Pattinson have been spending time together at a friend’s guest house in Los Feliz, California.

A source said, “Rob was completely heartbroken and was saying there was no way he could ever forgive her. But not speaking to someone that you thought was your end all, be all, is clearly harder than he expected.”

Another source says that Robert’s friends, “keep telling him he needs some time and space, but they all think they will be a couple again, maybe as soon as they are together for the Twilight promos.”






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  1. What of course makes the reconciliation so brilliant is the fact that Kristen and Rob were seeing each other for weeks right in front of everybody via disguises which is so appropriate given that they are actors after all and it was a very clever way to get the media off their back. One can only wonder what other tricks these two have up their sleeve…?

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