The Jonas Brothers’ New Song: ‘Meet You In Paris’

The Jonas Brothers will be releasing their new single soon. Whether it’s  ‘Meet You In Paris’ is not certain. A short teaser for the tune was aired during Sunday’s episode of Married To Jonas. Kevin, Joe and Nick were seen working on the track in the studio.

The lyrics say, “I’ll meet you in Paris/ Somewhere in dreamland come to light/ That smile you’re wearing/ Keeps me believing, keeps me alive/ We’ll be the kings and queens of our broken scene/ I’ll meet you in Paris.”

At the iHeart Radio Music Festival Nick described the upcoming single as danceable.

“It’s a little bit of a, especially for us to describe it, it’s something that people can dance to that also puts them in a place, brings them to a certain atmosphere, gives them a vibe about the seasons that we’ve been through these last three years in sort of doing our own thing.”

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