Taylor Swift: Gloomy Day In The City Of Lights

Taylor Swift had another busy day of filming for the video for her new single ‘Begin Again’ in Paris, France on Monday (October 1). The singer wore a vivid red dress topped off with a demure white cardigan.

If Taylor looks a little down in these photos, it might be because she’s missing her boyfriend Conor Kennedy. Reports are that the two had intended to travel together to Paris for the video shoot (and for Fashion Week) but that Conor’s dad, Robert, wouldn’t allow it.

A story in the Daily Mail says that Robert is objecting to how much time the romance is taking away from his 18-year-old son’s schoolwork. “Trouble started when Conor went back to school in Deerfield, Mass, a few weeks ago,” their source says.

“Taylor not only visited him for a romantic weekend, she started texting, phoning, and e-mailing love notes 24/7.”

The story goes on to say that Robert was infuriated with Taylor‘s plans. “They’re totally infatuated, and Robert went nuts when he heard Taylor will send her private plane to pick Conor up and bring him to wherever she is over the next six weeks.”

But don’t expect to hear any specifics on the relationship from the ‘Red’ singer. “I don’t talk about my personal life in great detail,” she recently told Glamour magazine. “I write about it in my songs, and I feel like you can share enough about your life in your music to let people know what you’re going through.”

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  1. truth

    You took a bulls*+t story from the National Enquirer and put your own bull crap spin on it. Let’s see she went to see him once since he has been at school,wow what a big story. Let’s see she texts him that is absolutely scandalous. Let’s see on a photo shoot she looks depressed? Morons its a photo shoot. Then you make up a story about his father mad at Taylor? Lets see your stupid logic is that if she doesn’t see him for the next 6 weeks its proof that the father forbid it. There are a lot of stupid people who will actually think this is true. So so sad.


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