Ryan Beatty Shocked That Justin Bieber Covered ‘Every Little Thing’

Have you heard of Ryan Beatty yet? The 17-year-old has been causing a buzz ever since he became a YouTube sensation.

He told Teen Vogue, “I had a YouTube channel back in February of 2011, and I put up my first cover ever on there of ‘Forget You’ by Cee Lo Green. It was stuck in my head! Within the first week, it hit about 10,000 views. I put up another one, and it got even more views! I started writing my own music in a studio, and released an EP. I’m working on an album — it’s been a quick year!”

It certainly has! MTV reports he has racked up to 33 million YouTube views. The budding star already has had a famous celebrity cover his song. Justin Bieber! The Boyfriend singer sings Ryan’s single Every Little Thing in a video. Pretty cool eh?

Ryan told MTV, “I was definitely so shocked. It was definitely one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me and I didn’t expect it whatsoever especially from Justin Bieber of all people. I was extremely grateful when I instantly saw it I wanted to thank him, I took to Twitter and thanked him, and so many people were very stoked off it. I was excited about it, hearing someone like that cover one of my songs. It was such an honor. I have nothing but respect for the guy.”

Ryan has a new single out called Hey L.A. He sings an acoustic version from Central Park. Watch the video presented by MTV.

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