Peyton List Shares Pics From ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Premiere

Peyton List on WhoSay

Peyton List attended the Wreck-It Ralph premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. on Monday (October 29). Her 14-year-old twin brother Spencer also attended along with her Jessie co-stars Skai Jackson, Karan Brar, and Cameron Boyce.

Peyton posted photos on her WhoSay account. The caption read: “Had so much fun at the Wreck-It Ralph premiere with @spencerlist @Sabreenabrar @TheCameronBoyce @OfficialSkai and @TheKaranBrar!! Luv ya guys!”

The teen actress once talked about being competitive with Spencer – also an actor.

She said, “I feel like we are really competitive in everything even though we are different genders. Whether it’s board games, sports or just who gets the bathroom first.”

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Photo credit: WhoSay

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  1. Dave101

    That’s really cute that Peyton and her brother are competitive over who gets to the bathroom first. If Peyton was my sister, I totally wouldn’t mind her being in there when I was in the bathroom too. Watching her peeing and pooping on the toilet would be kind of cute I think! I might even jerk off while I watched.


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