Austin Mahone Is Ready To Takeover

Fans of Austin Mahone are about to get up-close and personal with the pop and R&B sensation, who got his start via his popular YouTube videos. In his new series Austin Mahone’s Takeover on AwesomenessTV, the 16-year-old gives viewers an all-access pass into his life and a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on during his music videos and concerts.

Celebrity Teen Scoop talked exclusively with Austin, and got some details on his new show, his upcoming tour with Taylor Swift, and shared a story about something he received from a fan that made him sit down and take notice.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Congratulations on your new series, Austin Mahone Takeover. What’s the biggest difference between filming the series and making your own videos?
Austin: Well it’s different because with my YouTube videos it would be just me and my laptop, pressing the ‘record’ and ‘delete’ buttons over and over and over again. With the camera crew [on Takeover] it’s so easy – they do all the filming, and I just have to be myself!

CTS: Your fans – who call themselves ‘Mahomies’ – are so loyal. What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Austin: One day one of my fans sent an office chair to my front door. It was pretty cool – I still use it today!

CTS:  We hear you’re going to be opening for Taylor Swift. Tell us about this exciting news!
Austin: Yes I’m going to be on Taylor’s ‘RED’ tour, which I think starts in March. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with Taylor and performing with her  – and having a blast because I’ve never been on a tour before!

CTS: How did this come about – were you and Taylor already friends?
Austin: No actually, the weird is I met her a year ago in Nashville. I was at this little coffee shop and she walked in and I was like, “Omigod it’s Taylor Swift.” So I walked up and asked, “Are you Taylor Swift” and [when she said ‘yes’] I was like, “Hey, my name’s Austin Mahone and I’m a huge fan. Can I take a picture with you?” And she said, “Sure!”

She was really nice. I told her I was on YouTube and she said, “That’s cool keep it up and work hard.” And a year later I’m going on tour with her!

CTS: What inspired you to start making videos?
Austin: Well, me and my best friends were just chilling in our rooms and we were bored out of our minds because we live in this little town that had nothing going on – no movie theater, no bowling alley, no mall. So we had nothing to do and we would just go online, watch people on YouTube and say “Oh, that seems kinda cool.” And we just decided to make a channel and start posting videos. So it came out of boredom.

CTS: You’re often compared to Justin Bieber – how do you feel about that?
Austin: I think it’s great because he’s so successful and so talented, but I think it can get annoying sometimes because I’m not trying to be just like Justin Bieber. I’m trying to do my own thing, be my own person. I think people only see that because I’m 16, a young boy – but I’m really trying to make a name for myself and without having to be “the next Justin Bieber.”

CTS: What do you like to do when you’re not performing and making videos?
Austin: I have a condo on the beach, so I like to go down to the beach every once in a while and play basketball – my favorite sport. And just hang out with my friends.

Austin Mahone Takeover airs new episodes every Friday at

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    HEY!!!! Austin Mahone!!!!!! i love you so so so so much your my idol and i love you
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    by you keep doing what your doing you inspire me i really do mean what i say good luck with your life always maria E. Ryan

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