Miranda Cosgrove & Nathan Kress: ‘iCarly’ Time Machine

Miranda Cosgrove took a trip way back in the iCarly archives and found this pic of her and co-star Nathan Kress from the early days of their series. Miranda tweeted, “@nathankress was so little :P”

The photo was stamped, “iGoodbye – Friday November 23rd at 8pm on Nick.” ‘iGoodbye’ is the name of the one-hour finale of the popular Nickelodeon show after five seasons. Get out your tissues!

iCarly was groundbreaking in its ability to engage viewers by melding the show’s onscreen and offscreen worlds through a website, blogs and videos. Miranda recently talked to the Los Angeles Times about why that was important to the show’s loyal viewers.

“It wasn’t just something that you watched through the TV,” she said. “You could also communicate back to the iCarly world. I think that was something that was very new to kids and that appealed to them.”

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  1. no i don’t wan’t it to end


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