Taylor Swift: ARIA Awards Red Carpet Arrival

Taylor Swift wore a cream gown to the ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (November 29). In between posing for photographs she took pictures with fans. Earlier in the day she was spotted going to rehearsal wearing jeans and a maroon top.

She Tweeted: “So excited about performing on the ARIA’s tonight! Never been before. Here’s comes ‘trouble’…. See what I did there? Sorry. I know. Sorry.”

It’s been reported that Taylor is house hunting in London. She’s also been linked to One Direction’s Harry Styles. A source told The Sun that he wants her to meet his parents.

The source said, “He’s been very hush-hush about Taylor but this is the perfect chance to introduce her to them.”

This could of course just be a publicity stunt. Harry and One Direction band mate Louis Tomlinson have been fighting rumors that they are in a relationship for quite some time now.

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  1. 1Dfanatic

    Louis and Harry are soulmates which by definition is a relationship, whether bromance or romance. I hate that they are being told to hide it and act like they barely interact outside of work and could even hate each other. I heard that they are not allowed to spend time together unless they are working. Finding your soulmate at such a young age is rare. I wish they were allowed to experience it without interference. I hope they will be allowed to freely interact with each other in the near future. Regardless, Harry and Taylor being “close friends” is the HUGE PR stunt. One Direction has a history of going overboard with PR stunts. They do everything BIG! There are so many 1D PR stunts is hard to figure out what’s real about the group. I think the goal must be to keep the group in the news cycle daily. Either way there will more drama ahead. 1D PR loves drama and the fact that people are calling this a PR stunt won’t concern them in the least, they will just do something excessive to try to make it look real to the casual observers. As long as people are reporting on it good or bad they will probably continue to force it on everybody. I heard album sales have already gone up. Harry’s 3 “walks of shame” were to shock and launch the campaign with a bang and to get everybody paying attention to the relationship. Has any other celebrity done that , ever? Hotels have private entrances/exits. Now that they have everybody’s attention they are trying to rehab Taylor’s reputation by creating the image that they are in a serious relationship. After a week, here are articles about rings and engagement. They will probably be paraded around everywhere together because everybody knows that according to 1DPR the boys all obsess over their girlfriends and can’t bear to spend time apart from them. (Note: 1D PR writes this about EVERY 1D girlfriend). When Harry and Taylor “break up” there will be more PR, songs, drama when they attend the same events, etc… I wish 1D would focus on their music as much as they focus on PR manipulations. The guys have good potential but I think there is more focus on their images and PR rather than their music. Their second album, had it not been rushed could have been much better. It’s shows growth but not enough times was spent on the details. The same songs with more polishing would have appealed to a wider range of fans.


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