Zendaya: Looking Shady

Wishful thinking? Maybe Zendaya was waiting for the sun to come out as she looked out from behind her shades on Monday night (December 3). She posted a pic of herself and Tweeted, “Sunglasses at night…why not.”

With over a million followers on Twitter the 16-year-old has a huge audience for her pics and tweets. Last month she caused quite a stir when she posted a photo of herself with a new short hairstyle, and she had to reassure fans that she hadn’t lopped off her beautiful locks. “don’t worry I didn’t cut my hair, it’s just pinned up,” she wrote.

In a recent interview Zendaya looked back on her favorite moments of 2012 and what she’s looking forward to in the upcoming new year. “My best memories have been involved with doing my craft and doing what I love to do which is dancing, singing, acting, all that,” she told JustJaredJr. “So anything that has to do with that was the highlight. 2013, continuing it, doing it more.”



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