Cody Simpson: I Wish More People Bought My Music

Cody Simpson has millions of fans, but that doesn’t always translate into record sales. In a recent interview the pop star talks about how his generation’s habit of downloading music for free affects him personally.

“It hurts a little bit,” Cody said. “When you make music, you work hard on it and it definitely hurts to have people just rip it.”

Although the Aussie singer has 3.7 million Twitter followers and his YouTube channel that has racked up an impressive 149 million video views, his recent album Paradise only made it to No. 27 on the Billboard 200 chart.

“It’s not the best,” Cody remarked about the practice of free downloading. “It’s the art that you’ve worked on for days and months at a time.”

But the 15-year-old also sees the benefits all of the exposure can bring. “It can lead to other things. They could listen to new music and want to come see you perform live, and stuff like that,” he said. “It all comes around.”

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  1. Young old men like you that talent was very proud. I really like your music, music that had long been up to now. I am sure your music is certainly much loved it, trust me:)<3143

  2. Jasmin Kalaila

    You have amazing songs! There very toony and the beachy like kinda song, I guess you call it paradisey? Anyway I would buy ALL your song’s if I didn’t have to use my mom’s credit card…Maybe my grammma’s…


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