Alexandra Shipp Takes Us Inside The ‘House Of Anubis’!

Meet the newest member of the House Of AnubisAlexandra Shipp! The actress plays KT Rush in the Nickelodeon series about a group of teenagers in an English boarding school who work together to fight the forces of evil.

Alexandra talked exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about the much-anticipated third season of House Of Anubis – that was nominated for kids choice BAFTA award this year –  and gave us a little hint of what the ‘new girl’ KT has up her sleeve.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Fans of your Nickelodeon series, House of Anubis, are excited about the start of season 3! Tell us a little bit about the show.
Alexandra: It’s actually really exciting! Sibuna is battling another great evil with yours truly tagging along this time. It’s pretty scary, I gotta say. Definitely watch with a light on!

CTS: Your character KT Rush is the newest member of House Of Anubis. Tell us about her.
Alexandra: KT is a sassy yet very sweet character. She is just a nice girl who has come to England to fight evil. Sounds totally normal, I know! Her grandfather sent her to the boarding school to save the world, and with the help of her new found friends in Sibuna, she may just have a chance.

CTS: Did you have any of the same experiences in school as KT?
Alexandra: Fighting evil? Sadly not! Ha 😉 But I’ve been the new girl before, and it can be tough! KT handles everything that’s thrown at her with grace. She’s a great character.

CTS: How long have you been acting and how did you get your start?
Alexandra: I started doing plays as a young kid and met my manager when I was about 14. The rest is history! I’ve been working ever since.

CTS: Do you remember your very first audition? Share some details about that time.
Alexandra: I do! It was for Nickelodeon actually, and I was so nervous. Totally thought/knew I was going to throw up. I forget what project, but all I remember is having a mild heart attack about it!

CTS: You’ve appeared on Victorious, one of our readers’ favorite shows. What was that experience like?
Alexandra: Super fun! The cast and crew were so nice! And I got to dance a little.

CTS: What are some of your hobbies?
Alexandra: I love playing musical instruments and singing. I love going to movies and riding horses. I want a farm one day. Would love that.

CTS: Who are your role models?
Alexandra: Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, and Beyonce to name a few!

CTS: What advice do you have for young people wanting to break into the business?
Alexandra: Work hard. It’s not easy this job! You have to be committed and not afraid to fail. You have to be fearless!

CTS: What projects do you have coming up that we can look out for?
Alexandra: None at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be working on a new project soon!

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Photo credit: Joey Lawrence/Nickelodeon

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  1. Rahie

    Great interview! Completely looking forward to her character and season 3! So stoked! January 3rd is only a few weeks away!


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