Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Holiday Plans

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed her holiday plans to British paper The Guardian.

According to US Weekly she said, “My brother just told me in an e-mail that we’re all going to go clay pigeon shooting. He found this place where they let you shoot clay pigeons and then give you dinner afterwards. He’s real excited about it. We’ve never done it before.”

The 22-year-old added, “I don’t know what his shooting skills are like — I’m sure they’re better than mine. I’m going to have to bring my bow and arrow.”

Lawrence also admitted she doesn’t consider the Bluegrass State her home anymore.

“It’s where my family lives and it’s where I grew up. But I don’t know. These days I spend most of my time flipping between London and L.A.”

Makes sense since her British boyfriend Nicholas Hoult lives in England.

She added, “I love London. I love the layout of the city and I love that it’s not Manhattan or L.A. In L.A., people are only interested in your job and how much money you make. In London that doesn’t matter so much. People know that there are other things to talk about.”


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