Justin Bieber Gets Ed Sheeran As A Guest On Acoustic Album

Justin Bieber has been in the studio working on his acoustic album. He Tweeted on Monday (December 17): “Studio today. i got an acoustic album to finish. 2013 i got some surprises.”

On Tuesday Scooter Braun posted a photo on his Instagram account of Ed Sheeran. He wrote: “Studio sessions with amazing artists tonight. #acousticmusic”

He added, “I love tweeting people right next to me @edsheeran @ToriKelly hashtag just saying. And yes… I have no talent…why am I here. Not gonna lie. There is magic in the studio tonight. Truly honored to be here. Now back to the jokes.”

On Wednesday Sheeran told fans on Twitter that he’s heading back to the UK soon.

“Left home on January the 8th, and now I’m going back for Christmas. What a year. Thank you to my team and fans for being incredible”

Bieber’s acoustic album is set to be released on January 29.

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