Kylie Jenner Puckers Up

Kylie Jenner shared a personal photo of her and family friend Khadijah McCray on Wednesday (December 19).

The 15-year-old gives a small peck on her cheek while Khadijah puckers up.

Meanwhile breakup rumors on Bruce and Kris Jenner are being dismissed.

A source tells The Huffington Post the allegation is 100 percent not true and that the couple are “closer than ever.”

“If you believed everything said about Kris and Bruce, they would have broken up 20 times by now. They are deeply in love and closer than ever. We would all love to know the secret to having such a happy marriage.”

In fact the couple was seen shopping for a Christmas tree yesterday in Los Angeles, and they just sent out their holiday card featuring the entire family.

A friend added, “This family has been brutally honest about everything in their lives. If Bruce and Kris were breaking up, they would talk about it and film the problems on the show. Rumors that they are faking the marriage for the sake of the brand are silly. If the brand can survive Kim ending her marriage after 72 days, it is strong enough to survive Kris and Bruce breaking up.”

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