Rachel Holder Reaches Out To Teens With The ‘No Text And Drive’ Campaign

This is an exciting time for Nashville singer Rachel Holder. Along with a hit single on the charts, the up-and-coming performer has an album in the works and will be singing the National Anthem at an NFL game next week.

But the 19-year-old also has something more serious on her mind these days – the hazards of texting and driving. Celebrity Teen Scoop talked exclusively with Rachel about her involvement with the ‘No Text And Drive’ campaign and how’s she’s reaching out to teenagers to create awareness of this dangerous problem.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us a little bit about the ‘No Text and Drive’ campaign.
Rachel: The ‘No Text and Drive Campaign’ issues a deadly problem to teenagers nationally. Texting and driving has become a huge epidemic here in the last several years. Everyday, 11 teenage death are caused by texting and driving.

CTS: How did you come to be involved with the effort?
Rachel: The ‘No Text and Drive’ campaign is sponsored by The Time Group, a Dallas-based media company. When Margaret Mckoin, President of the Time Group asked me to be a part of this, I immediately said yes.

CTS: Do you witness a lot of your friends texting and driving?
Rachel: Yes, everyday. As a spokesperson for the ‘No Text and Drive’ campaign, I politely remind them that one single text message isn’t worth their life. That message can wait until they get where they are going and I give them one of my ‘No Text & Drive’ thumb bands to remind them not to text while they are driving, plus they look cool.

CTS: Congratulations on the success of your single, ‘In Your Arms’! Is there a story behind the song you can share with us?
Rachel: Thank you so much. Wilbur Rimes (LeAnn Rimes’ father) is one of my producers on my brand new album due out early 2013. He sent “In Your Arms” to me and right when I heard it, I knew I wanted to record it. The cool thing is you can take “In Your Arms” spiritually, as a friendship, relationship, someone in the military, anyway your heart desires the song to lead. I love that it’s so open.  Scott Lynch from Nashville is such an amazing writer.

CTS: How long have you been singing and how did you begin your music career?
Rachel: I’ve been singing since I could talk! (haha) I began my music career, when I was literally two years old. I would be in the kitchen with my mama, singing a song all the way through, then I grew up singing in church, competitions and school talents shows. When I was ten years old, I met my vocal coach, Elmer Cole, who still remains my vocal coach to this day.

I received my first job at 13 years old, performing in Pigeon Forge, TN shows as a youth performer until I was 15. I performed  in over 800 shows during those two consecutive years. That’s just a little bit of the beginning! haha! 🙂

CTS: Who are some of your music idols and role models?
Rachel: My musical inspiration/role model is Dolly Parton. I grew up singing her music my whole life. I respect Dolly for so much. She has given back so much to the community and her fans, and her business mind blows me away! Producing broadway musicals, acting, owning theme parks, etc! She truly is an amazing entrepreneur. She’s a legend that will never die.

CTS: We hear you’ll be performing the National Anthem at an upcoming NFL game. Tell us about this exciting news!
Rachel: I’m so excited! It’s so surreal to, like a dream! I’m performing at the Dallas Cowboys vs. Saint’s game on Sunday Dec. 23rd! I’m just ready for it to get here, it’s such a huge honor for me to get to perform the National Anthem.

I recently performed a Benefit Concert for military families.  I am so honored to participate when asked to perform.

CTS: Any Rachel Holder albums or videos coming up we can keep on the lookout for?
Rachel: Album? Early/Spring 2013! My new single comes out next month as well, so I’m sure there will be a video shot soon that will come out with it! So stay tuned! Plus, you never know when I’m going to do some crazy-fun blogs while on the road, so be sure to check my website regularly.

CTS: Will you be touring soon?
Rachel: It’s in the plans! I’m ready to get on the road and meet more fans! I will also be participating in national events getting the word out about our ‘No Texting & Driving’ campaign.

CTS: What advice can you give to young people looking to break into the music business?
Rachel: Keep God first, don’t let an obstacles get in your way, keep your eye on the prize. oh and no boys..haha 🙂

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