Demi Lovato: Christmas In Texas

Demi Lovato is back in Texas for the holidays. Over the past few days she shared a few photos of her half-sister Maddie and her dog Oliver and Tweeted what they had for Christmas dinner.

She wrote: “Went to Ihop for Christmas dinner last night… #youknowyourredneckwhen…. Hahaha yummm”

She also said, “So very thankful to have spent Christmas with the ones that I love. Literally the best Christmas I’ve ever had. It even snowed! In TEXAS!!” and “It’s just an incredible feeling when people who haven’t seen in a while tell you “You look so happy”.. well, I’m glad it shows!!”

A caption featuring Maddie reads: “What the..?!! How is my baby sis growing up so fast?!! @MaddieLovesyou1.. Stop growing!!!!!”

The singer will probably still be home to celebrate her little sister’s birthday on December 28. She really appears to be happy as recognized in one of her Tweets.

“It’s just surreal. I never knew this kind of happiness existed. Cherishing this moment… So thankful for recovery. God is good.”


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