Chloë Moretz: Skiiing In Colorado

Chloë Moretz is currently in Colorado with her family including older brothers Colin and Ethan. The 15-year-old has been sharing photos on Instagram of herself at a ski resort.

On Thursday (December 27) she posted a photo showing Colin off balance. She wrote: “Whoa there colinuggets”

It appears she’s been skiiing all week. On Christmas Eve she told fans: “Skiied all day..then hot chocolate at the lodge – oh what a Christmas Eve”

The actress is in the remake of Carrie. She said in an interview, “Everyone always asks me, ‘Are you going to live up to Sissy’s character and the original movie?’ I don’t know. I loved the original movie, but you have to be completely secure in what you’re doing and what you’re putting on screen.”

She continued, “I have to think about it like any other movie. It’s a movie, a script and a character you love and you really want to go into it, so you do the same you do on any other film, because that’s just your process. You just have to be completely confident in what you’re doing or else you’ll tear yourself apart.”


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