Teens Just Wanna Have Fun: Teala Dunn On AwesomenessTV’s ‘IMO’

On the hit TV series Are We There Yet, Teala Dunn plays Lindsey Kingston-Persons, a typical teen girl who loves hanging out with her friends and having fun. Now it looks like life imitates art – on her new show IMO on AwesomenessTV, Lindsay is having a ball hosting a talk show for teens along with co-hosts Gracie Dzienny, Audrey Whitby and Meaghan Dowlin.

Teala chatted exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about her new show, and about doing what she does best – being a teenager and having the time of her life.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about IMO on AwesomenessTV.
Teala: IMO is a tween talk show. It’s honestly so much fun to be on. The girls and I have a blast.

CTS: How did your involvement with AwesomenessTV come about?
Teala: I knew Gracie and Audrey, who are both girls on IMO. And they both told AwesomenessTV about me. And I came on to be a guest, but we all just clicked so well together. Everything worked out well so now I’m on IMO all the time.

CTS: Had you worked with Meaghan, Audrey and Gracie before?
Teala: Never. First time. But they are all such amazing girls. I love them all.

CTS: Many fans know you from your role on The Naked Brothers Band. Tell us what it was like being on the show.
Teala: That was so long ago (2006), It was super fun. But I’m happy to say I have my own TV show called Are We There Yet which airs on TBS and the CW all the time. You can catch me on there everyday.

CTS: Any people recognize your voice as Tuck on Wonder Pets? What is it like playing an animated character?
Teala: Sometimes. I’m most known for my latest role as Gina on the hit Disney Show Shake It Up.

CTS: How did you get your start as an actress?
Teala: My sister started acting before me. I wanted to follow into her footsteps, but I actually fell in love with acting.

CTS: Was there one thing – a movie, an actress, etc – that inspired you to pursue this career?
Teala: Nope.

CTS: What do you like to do when you’re not performing?
Teala: I love making YouTube videos of course. I also love just being a normal teen and hanging with friends.

CTS: How do you find the balance between work, school and just being a teenager?
Teala: Sometimes it’s hard. Over time I have learned to just try both. It’s all about balance. I love getting my work (school, learning lines, and filming) out of the way before I hang out with friends and go shopping.

CTS: Share some exciting projects you have coming up in the future.  
Teala: I have a bunch of fun and exciting projects coming up in 2013. I can’t spill any details just yet.. but I can’t wait to share the awesome  news!

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