It’s A Teen Thing: Meaghan Dowling On AwesomenessTV’s ‘IMO’

Talk about living a teenage dream – Meaghan Dowling already has her own successful YouTube channel where she does interviews and posts about fashion and beauty. Now she’s hosting a talk show – IMO on AwesomenessTV – along with her friends Gracie Dzienny, Teala Dunn and Audrey Whitby.

Meaghan talked exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about her new talk show, the tight bond she has with her co-hosts and revealed who her dream guest would be – wonder if a certain boy band can make time for an interview on IMO?

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about IMO on AwesomenessTV.
Meaghan: IMO is a talk show for teenage and pre-teen girls. We talk about topics that relate to girls and things that are currently going on in the media.

CTS: How did your involvement with AwesomenessTV come about?
Meaghan: I first heard about AwesomenessTV when they contacted me about being on IMO. They thought I would be a good fit with the rest of the girls. They found me by my Twitter, TeenThings.

CTS: Share some stories about working with Teala, Audrey and Gracie.
Meaghan: We are all fun and outgoing girls, so that is bound to create some fun! I know we constantly have dance parties to One Direction and sometimes even the crew join in! On a more serious note, my IMO girls have become best friends. I know I was upset at one point because I was receiving negative comments….all the girls were there for me, made me laugh and talked to me. We have become so close.

CTS: You also have your own YouTube channel, TeenThings. Tell us about that.
Meaghan: Yes! I do! I started my TeenThingsTV channel a few years ago! I started off by doing interviews and such. Now I post videos for my viewers to enjoy. I do hauls, some beauty videos and some vlogs. I love doing these videos more than anything. It’s all so fun and I enjoy it.

CTS: What inspired you to first start making videos?
Meaghan: I started it because I’ve always loved YouTube and I’m not camera shy so I gave it a shot!

CTS: Who are some of your role models?
Meaghan: Some of my role models include Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence 🙂

CTS: Who would be your dream guest on IMO or TeenThings?
Meaghan: OMG! I have sooooooooo many. A few on my list right now would include One Direction, the Janoskians, Ariana Grande and Evan Peters.

CTS: What do you like to do when you’re not working on IMO and your video projects?
Meaghan: I love to just hang out with friends! Since I live in NY I love to go to NYC, it’s so amazing there. Other than that I love to go to the movies or shopping

CTS: How did you spend the holidays?
Meaghan: With my family of course!

CTS: What exciting things do you have coming up for 2013?
Meaghan: More IMO hopefully and much more videos and tweets 🙂

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