Did Selena Gomez Send Out A Song To Justin Bieber?

Love you like a love song? Well, not exactly. Selena Gomez performed an acoustic benefit concert for UNICEF on Saturday (January 19) and according to People magazine there were a couple of songs meant for her ex Justin Bieber; A cover of Taylor Swift’s  ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and more specifically Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River,’ a tune about exposing a cheating partner. Ouch.

“I’ve kind of been through a lot these past couple of months, and it’s been really interesting and fun at the same time – and weird and sad, but cool,” Selena told the audience before singing ‘Cry.’ “This song has helped me through a lot, and if anybody knows ‘N Sync or, you know, some J.T., you’re gonna know what I’m talking about. But this song definitely speaks to me.”

But Justin may have had the idea first: The 18-year-old reportedly performed an acoustic version of the same J.T. song at a November show in Boston, and also performed it in concert in 2008.

And Justin may be working on a breakup song of his own: The singer has been tweeting a countdown to the release of an acoustic version of his album Believe, and last week wrote, “It’s honest #13DAYS.” Perez Hilton is reporting that one of the “honest” tracks is called, Nothing Like Us, which is said to be about a young romance that sounds a lot like Jelena.

Also on the disc: A track called Yellow Raincoat which is said to be about Selena as well. It sounds like these two may be able to do an entire concert centered around their on-again, off-again romance. Stay tuned!

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