Victory Van Tuyl’s Alien Adventures On ‘Marvin Marvin’

Fans will recognize Victory Van Tuyl from her role as Julie on the hit series Supah Ninjas. There are no ninjas in sight on her her new series Marvin Marvin, but the young actress does play opposite another character with some unusual traits – and he’s from another planet.

Victory plays Teri, a human with an alien brother (played by Fred star Lucas Cruikshank.) The 17-year-old talks exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about Marvin Marvin, reveals the show’s ‘Big’ guest stars, and answers our question, “Do you believe in aliens?”

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about your new Nickelodeon show, Marvin Marvin.
Victory: Marvin Marvin is a family sitcom about an alien teen boy who comes to live with a human family. He doesn’t know many social norms so he gets himself into a lot of hilarious situations at school and with his friends. The show is super funny, and I think that kids can relate to everything that happens in it because we all can feel like an alien when entering high school or middle school.

CTS: What can you tell us about the character you play – Teri, a human with an alien ‘brother.’
Victory: Teri is Marvin’s human sister, and attends school with him. She’s super smart, driven, organized and definitely a perfectionist! At first, she’s a little wary of Marvin and doesn’t like the idea of him embarrassing her in front of her friends but she actually ends up defending him and sticking up for him in several different situations. It’s really cool to watch their relationship evolve and grow throughout the episodes.

CTS: What’s the best part about working on Marvin Marvin?
Victory: I absolutely love the acting aspect of working on Marvin Marvin, but I would have to say working with all the incredible people that I am around every day is my favorite part. From the crew, to the producers and writers, to the awesome cast–I am so lucky to be around such lovely people all the time, and I have enjoyed every second of getting to know them.

CTS: So tell us the truth – do you believe in aliens?
Victory: I think so, yeah! The universe is so big.  I find it hard to believe we’re the only ones in it.

CTS: Lucas Cruikshank plays your brother. Were you already familiar with his FRED YouTube series?
Victory: I was! I can still remember watching the first video in fifth grade! It was all the rage at my school back then.

CTS: We hear Big Time Rush will be making a guest appearance on Marvin Marvin. Can you give us a sneak peek at this upcoming episode?
Victory: The episode is an hour-long special.  I don’t want to give away too much, but the general outline of the story is that Teri and Marvin attend a Big Time Rush concert without knowing that BTR has been kidnapped by the Klerg, the evil aliens who attacked Marvin’s planet.  The bad guys are on a hunt to capture Marvin. We also get to see Big Time Rush perform a few of their songs.  It was so much fun to film, and I’m really excited to see the end result!

CTS: How did you first get started in acting?
Victory: I started in acting in community theatre when I was about 11 years old. I absolutely fell in love with it and was doing three different shows at once. I guess the rest is history!

CTS: Who are your role models?
Victory: I really admire Meryl Streep and Audrey Hepburn. The amount of talent that they possess and what they have both accomplished in their careers is amazing.

CTS: What’s a typical day in the life of Victory Van Tuyl?
Victory: When we’re filming, I’ll get to the studio early in the morning and go into hair and makeup. We’ll block our scenes and then start filming until lunch. The entire cast eats together every day! After lunch, we continue filming until we’re finished with that day’s scenes. After that, I’ll go home, hang out, study my lines for the next day, and hit the hay!

CTS: What’s next for Victory Van Tuyl?
Victory: Right now I’m pretty much just focused on Marvin Marvin and finishing our first season! After that, we’ll all be crossing our fingers and hoping for season 2!

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