Lucas Cruikshank Uses His Alien Powers For Good In ‘Marvin Marvin’

Lucas Cruikshank is a force to be reckoned with. With over 900 million views and over two million worldwide subscribers for his wildly successful Fred YouTube videos, the 19-year-old earned a spot on Hollywood Reporter‘s ’50 Most Powerful Players in Digital Media’ list. Add to that three Fred movies and a widely-watched guest appearance on iCarly, and you can see why Lucas has gained international attention.

Next up for the young actor is the lead role in a new Nickelodeon series, Marvin Marvin, that sees him playing an alien teen who moves in with a normal family on Earth. Lucas talked exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about his new show, shared some advice for aspiring YouTubers, and most importantly – revealed what alien superpower he’d like to have.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about your new Nickelodeon show, Marvin Marvin.
Lucas: Marvin Marvin is about an alien from outer space who comes to Earth to live with a normal American family. He’s a total fish out of water, and the show follows his struggles to fit in with human culture. It’s been such a fun show to work on, and the cast and crew are amazing.

CTS: Give us some background on your character, the teenage alien Marvin.
Lucas: Marvin is just a really happy guy with a positive attitude. He has a lot of weird characteristics because what he sees as normal isn’t what humans see as normal. He’s such a great character to play because so much can be justified since he’s from another planet.

CTS: If you could have one superpower in real life, what would it be?
Lucas: Probably flying, so I wouldn’t have to go on airplanes anymore. I’m so scared of them!

CTS: Will you still continue with your FRED YouTube series?
Lucas: I want to continue to do videos on YouTube. I just always have an online presence because I think it’s really important and it’s also really fun for me. I don’t know if those videos will be Fred videos, but I definitely want to keep making videos.

CTS: Are there any more sequels to your FRED movie coming up?
Lucas: There aren’t any plans for more FRED movies in the near future. We’ve done three full-length movies, and I just don’t want to overdo it. I want to experiment with new things and show my fans new sides of me. But who knows.

CTS: What inspired you to first start making videos?
Lucas: It’s just something I’ve always been around. I remember being super young and watching my older sisters make homemade videos with our mom’s camcorder, so I thought it was something everyone did. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska, so there wasn’t much to do, so when I was bored I’d make a video.

CTS: When you’re not writing or filming, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Lucas: I love to just do normal things with my friends. I love shopping and seeing movies or just finding random, fun things to do with friends.

CTS: YouTube seems to be the starting ground for so many young stars. What advice would you give for young people who want to take this route?
Lucas: I would say to just have fun with it. That’s what I did when I first starting making videos. I’d do it because I really enjoyed it, and I would’ve been just as happy if I’d made 5 people laugh online. It’s a great creative outlet!

CTS: Who leaves you star-struck?
Lucas: So many people! I’m really inspired by Jim Carrey, Kristin Wiig, Rebel Wilson, and would love to work with them someday.

CTS: What exciting projects do you have coming up for 2013?
Lucas: Just more Marvin Marvin! 🙂

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