Victoria Justice: California Cruisin’

Her show Victorious may be ending, but life’s an open road for Victoria Justice! The actress hopped in her car on Saturday (January 26) for a short trip and posted a pic writing:

“Out driving on a beautiful Saturday in LA #iLoveCalifornia”

The 19-year-old recently graced the cover of Annex magazine. Inside she talked about her plans for life post-Victorious (the show is down to its last two episodes.) “I’m busy writing songs for my debut album,” she revealed. “I love writing because it’s something that I create and can mold any way I want.

“It’s not a script that’s being handed to me and I have no choice in the matter, but to read someone else’s words. When it comes to music, I’m driving the bus and I like having control.”

But she isn’t against life on the big – or small – screen. “As far as TV or movies, I’m just looking for a part I can sink my teeth into,” Victoria said. “I love comedy, but it I were to do another TV show, I would want it to be so different than my character on Victorious. In other words, I’m looking for a challenging, dramatic role.”

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  1. Kevin Stifler

    But why does “victorious” have to end

  2. Kayshia

    Why is victorious ending ????????? I love victorious I love victoria justice sooooo soooo muchhh Ariana and Liz too

  3. Kayshia

    I don’t want victorious to end!!!

  4. Kayshia

    I love Victoria’s song it’s the best I love you so muchhhh

  5. Kayshia

    I love victoria the besttttt !!

  6. Kayshia

    Your so pretty and amazing I love you so much I love your songs I love victorious it’s my best show ever .. Your my best actrist …. I love you vic


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