Lucy Hale Gets A Visit From Fans

Lucy Hale shared a new photo of herself with fans on Monday (January 28). Posing with a Yankees cap she Tweeted: “Thank you to the sweetest girls who stopped by”

Hale is currently working on a country album and is expected to release a single – followed by an album later this year.

She tells the Washington Post, “(The album) is something I wanted to do way before ‘Pretty Little Liars’ or anything. I grew up singing, and acting sort of came up along the way. … (Recording) is a lot of weekends, it’s a lot of long nights but I’m so passionate about it … I’m just really excited.

The 23-year-old said she was “born and bred in Tennessee” and listened to country music growing up.

“Country music to me is the best music in the world. It’s storytelling and it means something and it can make you feel any emotion in the world and it’s just where my heart is.”

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