Carlos Knight Is The “Fearless” Owen Reynolds In Supah Ninjas

If you’ve watched Supah Ninjas you’ve seen Carlos Knight as Owen Reynolds – the witty, wise-cracking, best friend to head ninja Mike (Ryan Potter.) But he’s not all fun and games – Owen is also a powerful warrior, and fearless – a trait Carlos says he aspires to.

Carlos talked exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about the show, his co-stars Gracie Dzienny and Ryan, and about his days before he hit it big on a Nickelodeon show. He even has a few words of advice for aspiring actors  – your future is in your hands. Spoken like a true ninja!

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about you show, Supah Ninjas.
Carlos: Supah Ninjas is an action comedy about a group of high school students who use the ancient art of ninjitsu to fight crime in their city.

CTS: Are you similar to your character Owen Reynolds? If so, in what ways?
Carlos: Owen Reynolds is a true master of confidence. He’s always cracking jokes and trying to do things he hasn’t really learned how to do yet. He is a fun character to play and I feel like we are similar in many ways. Owen and I both like to explore new worlds. We know what we like, but we also enjoy trying new things. He is fearless and that is something I truly aspire to be.

CTS: What’s the best thing about working on a hit show like Supah Ninjas?
Carlos: The greatest part about my Supah Ninjas experience so far is working with a group of people I truly enjoy being around.  I love knowing that I can go to work, be happy and feel like I can really be myself.

CTS: Who are some of your role models?
Carlos: I have a number of strong women in my family that have sacrificed their own personal dreams for the good of our family unit. They are my role models. Through their example, I am inspired to fully commit myself to pursuing a career I love.

CTS: Some of your early roles include parts on hit shows like ER and Numb3rs. What can you tell us about those experiences?
Carlos: I’ve worked on a number of one-hour dramas and every time I do I learn something new about my craft. I’ve been given the chance to work with so many great actors that put out great performances on a weekly basis. I have used those opportunities to observe their methods and mimic their ways in hopes of becoming a true professional.

CTS: How do you spend your time when you’re not filming?
Carlos: When I’m not filming I am finding new ways to challenge myself both physically and mentally. I play basketball and write music. I try new sports and think of ideas for movies and television shows. I try to stay active and creative.

CTS: What advice would you give to young people pursuing acting?
Carlos: The best advice I could give people who want to pursue acting is to make certain you are doing it for the right reasons. Fame and fortune is really reserved for a small section of Hollywood. If you want be a good actor, you really have to love it. You have to form an appreciation for the art form or you will experience some real frustration in pursuit  of the wrong things. Stay focused and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Your future is in your hands.

CTS: What exciting projects do you have coming up?
Carlos: In addition to acting, I’m also very involved in music and I’m looking forward to releasing a few songs in the next year. I am a rapper, but I’m really trying to do something different with the genre. I just want everyone to give it a chance even if rap isn’t your style. I might surprise you.

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