Chloë Moretz: Paris Stroll With Her Mom

Chloë Moretz and her mom Teri Moretz spent a leisurely day strolling around Paris on Tuesday (February 26). Looks like it might have been a chilly day in the City of Lights – Chloë was bundled up in a faux fur coat.

The 16-year-old actress watched some of the Academy Awards during her plane ride into France, and sent out a message to Jennifer Lawrence on her Oscar win for Best Actress. “Congrats Jen you deserve it more than anything!! Xoxo #JenniferLawrence :)” she tweeted.

In a recent interview Chloë talked about her first movie Kick Ass and the controversy that surrounded her character – a young assassin with lots of ‘tude and a foul mouth. “I look back at that movie, and I think, ‘Wow, I see why it’s so inappropriate,” she told Teen Vogue.

But Chloë has few regrets, and says she feels she made the right choice in skipping high school to pursue her acting career. “You know, I could be in high school right now, like any other normal 15-year-old girl,” she said. “I’m proud to say that I made a different life for myself. I’m a businesswoman.”

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  1. No Direction

    Chloe is in high school, but it’s a home school with a tutor.

  2. Sophie

    From where have you been getting your information? She’s 16 not 22.


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