James and Oliver Phelps Greet Muggles At ‘Harry Potter: The Exhibition’

Did James and Oliver Phelps steal your heart and laughs playing Fred and George Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series? The wizard twins were back, at least for a weekend, meeting with ‘Muggles’ and signing autographs at ‘Harry Potter: The Exhibition’ at NYC’s Discovery Times Square. This special exhibit has been traveling worldwide, giving Harry Potter fans everywhere a chance to see real props from the films.

James and Oliver Phelps sure had a great time at the exhibit! Celebrity Teen Scoop had a chance to ask the dynamic duo what it was like to greet ‘Harry Potter’ fans, their fondest memories playing Fred and George Weasley, and the story behind being cast in the films.  They also gave us the inside scoop on their future projects and couldn’t resist sharing a story about one of their greatest pranks!

CTS: Tell us about ‘Harry Potter: The Exhibition at NYC’s Discovery Times Square.

Oliver: It’s been really good fun. The exhibition has been traveling all around the world, and it gives fans of the films a chance to see all the props. It’s back in New York for the second time, because it was so successful the first time around. It’s been amazing to see everyone here.

CTS: What was it like greeting your fans at the exhibit this weekend?

Oliver: It’s been amazing to meet everyone. They’re waiting outside in the cold here for quite a few hours to meet with us and it’s really great to see their enthusiasm for the Potter series. It’s absolutely brilliant! 

CTS: Share with our readers your fondest memories playing Fred and George Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series.

James: My favorite part playing Fred Weasley is when we were making the scene for the Quiddich World Cup. That was really good fun because it was like being at a soccer game. That was really good fun to do. 

Oliver: My favorite part would be the premieres, because you get to see the reactions from everybody. There is such a great energy about them. Fans always make it a priority to get to the main premiere in London. People from all over the world fly in and say they met on the Potter fan website. They meet up in-person for the first time there.

CTS: How did your casting in the film come about?

James: We read in a newspaper in the UK that they were doing open auditions for the film, so we thought, “Why not?” 

CTS: Had you done any acting before being cast in the ‘Harry Potter’ films?

James: No, the ‘Harry Potter’ movies were our first films. Actually, a couple of weeks beforehand the drama teacher at our school said to us, “Don’t bother taking drama in my higher education because you won’t have a career in it.” A few weeks later we were cast in ‘Harry Potter’ and she was quite surprised. [laughs]

CTS: Do you keep in touch with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and the rest of the ‘Harry Potter’ cast?

Oliver: Yes, we still see each other at certain events, which has been quite cool. They are all keeping busy and doing their own stuff. Whenever their films come out, it’s always good to see that they are doing well.

CTS: Would you like to continue to be cast as twins?

James: Yes, we would like to be cast as twins as well as individually. I’ve done individual projects as well, so it’s always good to have that on the radar. We like being cast together, but we also like doing stuff individually as well.

CTS: We hear the two of you are quite the pranksters. Share some stories with us!

Oliver: We have done a few things and have had some good fun over the years. We went to an art exhibit and it was probably the worst thing I’ve seen in my entire life. [laughs] We recommended to these people that they should go and see it, and it was a bit of a trek for them.  We didn’t realize that they would do it. They went and saw this show about Babylon and I think it took them five hours to get there. When I talked to them afterwards they said that that was probably the worst thing that I’ve ever done to them. [laughs] It was like modern art, so if you don’t get it you really wouldn’t get the exhibit. [laughs] 

CTS: Will you be watching the Oscars this weekend? Any favorites you”ll be cheering for?

Oliver: Yes, fortunately, I got to be a member of the voting system back in the UK and that was really cool. I hadn’t seen all of the films and I got to vote on them and see how the Academy does everything. I will be cheering for Argo, as it was an absolutely fantastic film to watch. It was thrilling; Argo really had me on the edge of my seat the whole way and it really drew me in. 

CTS: What exciting projects do the two of you have coming up, either together or separately?

James: I just finished a stage show in London, which was my first-ever appearance on stage. I really enjoyed it. I finished that and then we flew out here. Hopefully I will do something on stage again very soon.

Oliver: I have three meetings set up when I get back to London for a big show that is being shot, so hopefully we can sort some stuff out there.

The exhibition runs in NY through April 7, buy tickets here.

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