Carly Rose Sonenclar On X-Factor Memories & Supporting Diabetes Research

Carly Rose Sonenclar wowed everyone as the runner-up on the second season of ‘The X Factor.’ The singing sensation will be the special guest at the 10th annual Kids Party for a Cure benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute’s cure-focused work.

Carly sure is pumped for Kids Party for A Cure! In a recent exclusive interview with Celebrity Teen Scoop, Carly discussed why the event is so meaningful and how she got involved with the Diabetes Research Institute. She also gave us the inside scoop on her experience on ‘The X Factor,’ how she got her start as an actress/singer, and her dreams of being on The Ellen Show.

CTSTell us about the Kids Party for a Cure, the event where you’ll be appearing as a special guest.

Carly: I am so happy to be a part of Kids Party for a Cure and to support The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation’s quest to find a cure for diabetes. This event is especially meaningful because it brings families together.

CTS: How did you first get involved with the organization?

Carly: That is a funny coincidence, actually. My agent told me about the event, and it turns out that my cousin Robert Pearlman is actually the CEO! Small world!!

CTSYou were the runner-up on the second season of ‘The X Factor.’ What was that experience like?

Carly: It was an amazing experience, but a tremendous amount of work. Each week we had to prepare around four new songs for our mentors to choose from, shoot reality segments, go to wardrobe fittings, and still do 15 hours a week of school! During the last week of the show, I actually had to learn seven songs in one week, including group numbers and the duet for the top two! I have to say it was great preparation for going into the music business.

CTS: What was your favorite song that you performed on the show?

Carly: I get asked that a lot but I don’t really have a favorite. I like each of them for different reasons. The Thanksgiving show where I dedicated “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to my brother, Russell, was special because I got to share it with him…and getting a standing ovation is something I will never forget.

CTS: How did you first get your start as an actress/singer?

Carly: I went to a local singing/acting/dancing class called Star Kidz where they brought us in to a manager’s open call. I got signed when I was around 6-years-old…but I didn’t even know what that meant at that point! They started sending me out on auditions and I booked my first professional job when I was 7-years-old.

CTS: What inspired you to pursue performing?

Carly: As seen in the home videos of me shown on ‘The X Factor,’ I really did start singing when I was two years old…imitating the contestants on American Idol. Then I went to my first Broadway show, ‘A Chorus Line,’ and that pretty much did it.

CTS: You’ve performed the National Anthem for the New York Knicks, the LA Dodgers and for the US Open. How do you prepare for these performances?

Carly: Singing the National Anthem at these large arenas is definitely the most nerve-racking thing that I do…even more so than performing on national television. I do vocal warm ups, and I usually get in some sort of a zone before I do a performance like that. I try to concentrate and block out the noise. It is much more difficult from a performance perspective, because the sound quality is usually very tricky in those places.

CTS: Your fans – who call themselves ‘Carly’s Angels’ – have launched a Twitter campaign to get you on the Ellen Show. Tell us about this!

Carly: Well first of all I have to say – I love my Carly’s Angels! I am so blessed to have the most incredible fans.

I would love to be on the Ellen Show! After my first audition on ‘The X Factor,’ Simon and Britney went on the Ellen show and Ellen actually asked them about me and they said my name was Carly Rae! It was pretty funny to watch. I would love the chance to meet Ellen and introduce myself with my correct name!

CTS: Who leaves you starstruck?

Pretty much everybody. I am very easily starstruck…I met some really awesome people during the show. I was very starstruck by Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, the judges at first, and

This Kids Party For a Cure will take place on March 10 at Dave & Buster’s at the Mall at The Source in Westbury. NY.

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  1. Jessica

    Carly is amazing does anyone know if she will do an album?

  2. Hi Carly. I’m your big fan from South Korea !
    l love your singing and your personality.
    Everytime you interviews, you always think deeply before answer !
    And also you seemed to be very humble…
    Anyway I really hope you’ll be a big star in the world!

  3. Steven Carter

    Carly I’ve been following you since the Xfactor and seeing all the things you’re involved in behind the scenes really impresses me about you as a person. Your talent and stage presence are undeniable but knowing how great a person you are reaching out to so many cements my conviction that you deserve to be a superstar. You carry the light to all those you touch and that’s what the world needs so much at this time. Bless you dear one and may success, happiness and love always be with you. 🙂

  4. De Smedt Steven

    You are THE best!.. .From Belgium

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