Eden Sher: “I Think I’m Credited Way Too Much!”

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The Middle’s Eden Sher recently did an interview with Teen Vogue and talked about her character, high school life, and her current projects. The 21-year-old actress plays Sue Heck – a dorky, quirky teenager on the ABC sitcom.

On making her teenage character relatable to young viewers: “I think I’m credited way too much! A lot of it is just me—but if I didn’t have filter or care about anyone ever. I think when I’m channeling Sue, I’m channeling Eden in her purest form.”

On her own high school experience: “I went to public school my whole life. It was a performing arts school so I can’t say if it was a typical experience or not, because it’s all I know. I remember the general anxiety of teenager, and I remember establishing some sort of appearance based on what my peers would think. And cliques, oh my god, the worst. The worst!”

On current projects: “I’m finishing post-production on this short I wrote and directed. I’m currently in the process of writing a web series with my friend Allyn. We’re supposed to be completely done by May, and then we can shoot it in June or July. We’re going to shop it around. It’s all too soon to give out details. I don’t want to talk about it and then have nothing come of it! Maybe I’ll do a movie? If our show gets picked up for a fifth season, then I’m just going to focus on that.”

To read more of Sher’s interview – visit teenvogue.com.

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