Bailee Madison: Ready For Take Off!


Bailee Madison tweeted a photo of herself and her mom Patricia in an airplane on Tuesday (March 12).

The 13-year-old actress wrote: “TORONTO here we come!!!! Eeeeepp! #We’llBeMeetingYouAtNoon #firsttime”

Bailee’s movie Parental Guidance comes out on DVD on March 26.

She once said her character in the movie was different than the other roles she’s played before.

“My character, Harper Decker is torn between two worlds; she wants to please her mother – (Marisa Tomei) but at the same time, she wants to let loose and be as fun as her grandmother (Bette Midler). On top of that, Harper is also having her first crush, which makes her incredibly awkward. She’s unlike anything I’ve played before.”

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  1. This relates to me except I’m still waiting to find my first crush maybe one day I’ll find someone oh hey baille you seem nice. Lol

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