Make It Stop: Now Justin Bieber’s Hamster Is Dead

It’s hard out there for a popstar: After a really rough week that included irate parents, fainting spells, paparazzi fights and cancelled shows, it appears Justin Bieber‘s hamster has died. You heard me.

Apparently PAC – the hamster that Justin gave to a fan after the Atlanta Jingle Ball show last December with the words “You gotta take care of him” – has gone to the big habitrail in the sky.

Justin, pictured here leaving his hotel in Madrid on Thursday (March 14), had walked up to a screaming crowd outside of Philips Arena on December 12 and randomly handed PAC to fan Tori McClure.

Sadly, PAC fell ill on Tuesday (March 12) and Tori tweeted about the hamster’s demise. “They say PAC probably won’t make it much longer. He’s like an old man. My feelings couldn’t be more hurt ):,” she wrote. “But they also said ‘on the bright side he got to live a healthy lavish life of a popstar, not many hamsters coulda been the Biebs’ #feelings.”

Tori also posted PAC’s final photo and tweeted, “I just wish he could get better. One final picture! He was OUR baby & @justinbieber I still can’t thank u enough.

“He will be one of my sweetest memories! Thank u @justinbieber so much again. He will always be OUR boy.”

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