Bella Thorne: That’s How She Rolls

Bella Thorne is ready to drive! The 15-year-old actress isn’t old enough to get her license yet, but that isn’t stopping her from dreaming of a cool set of wheels. The Shake It Up star posted this pic on Twitter and wrote:

“That’s how I roll!.. I wish.”

Bella and her co-star Zendaya recently graced the cover of Total Girl magazine, and inside Bella remembers starting on Shake It Up with no dancing experience. “It was so hard and I was just sooo bad, it was quite embarrassing!” she said.

In another interview, Bella remembers another time in her past – this one not so pleasant – that’s fueling her involvement in a worthy cause. “I am Global Ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying. I was bullied for my dyslexia, and I still get bullied now,” she told Line magazine.

“This needs to change. Hundreds of thousands of teens think of suicide because they’re being bullied, and it shouldn’t happen. Bullying is a big issue and I’m always concentrating on it because it continues to happen,” Bella continued.

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