Bella Thorne Gets Schooled As ‘Celebrity Principal For A Day’

Bella Thorne and the national Get Schooled Victory Tour visited students at Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School in Los Angeles to recognize the school’s 3% attendance gain. To celebrate the achievement, Bella served as ‘Celebrity Principal for a Day’ and got to co-teach several classes, host a school-wide celebration pep rally, and participate in a Q & A session with the students!

Celebrity Teen Scoop was there and got to chat with the Shake It Up! star about her experience as ‘Celebrity Principal for a Day.’ Bella told us about her favorite school subject and even gave a glimpse into what fans of Shake It Up! can expect to see in upcoming episodes!

CTS: Tell us about your involvement in the Get Schooled Victory Tour. What is it all about?

Bella: I think the Get Schooled Victory Tour is so important. The students wake up at 6 a.m. and they’re like, “Ughh! I have to go to school today and I have to learn this and I have a test I have to study for. It’s so hard!” It’s really nice that we got to make school a loveable experience for the students so they’re not like, “Ughh!” Instead they’re like, “Yes! I get to go to school and we’re going to have fun!” I think that was one of the most important things that we did today.

CTS: What was the highlight of being the Celebrity Principal for a Day?

Bella: The highlight was getting to talk to the kids about what they are learning. I think it is really interesting to see the kids’ favorite subjects! It’s great to know what the kids really love.

CTS: What was your favorite subject in middle school?

Bella: For me, I was always into history, Egyptian history. When I was learning about that I was obsessed. I did two essays on Egyptian history and King Tut.

CTS: What can fans of Shake It Up! expect to see in upcoming episodes?

Bella: Drama! There’s a wedding happening and something’s going to happen that’s bad. You don’t know what happens with the wedding. That was probably one of our most shocking episodes. You also get to see a lot of amazing dances and great guest stars. Our dances are crazy this season.

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