Zac Efron: Flaunt Cover Boy


Zac Efron graces the cover of April’s Flaunt magazine and shows off his bicep. In the interview he says he would never turn his back on the show that made his career – High School Musical.

He shares, “Here’s the one thing about High School Musical that people forget or don’t realize. It affected a lot of people…it’s resonance, culturally, was massive…and it was, in every sense of it, the luckiest break in the world.”

Zac adds, “The wrong thing to do — and that’s what all these interviews now are trying to get me to say — is to turn on it, to like sh*t on it, call it crap. But that’s insane.”

Gossip Cop reports he further explains, “There are hundreds of people who began doing one thing when they were younger, who go on to develop and refine and shape their vision, as they get older, and other concerns — like fame, or money — take a back seat to other ones. The b***hiness doesn’t do anything. It just puts you out there and it makes you look unappreciative to your fans.”

“If I’m talking to my friends, or somebody important who can have some influence on or affect the situation, that’s one thing, but to b***h about attention while getting attention? I’d be doing it to the very people whose job it is to get that information — who are watching me and have control over that information. Therefore, it makes them upset, they read it like it’s hypocritical, and so they spread some bullsh*t.”

He continues, “You should hear the chatroom sh*t that gets said every time you try to complain. So that’s why I’m not going to complain. I will do a lot of things in my life differently to make sure it’s not known or tweeted about or photographed. But it’s a complete day-to-day situation. I mean, I wish I could sit here and be completely honest — but I guess that’s an even bigger responsibility — and it’d take a more courageous man.”

The actor will next be seen handing out Golden Popcorns at the MTV Movie Awards on April 14!

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