Report: Liam Hemsworth Wants An Open Relationship

Does Liam Hemsworth want an open relationship with Miley Cyrus? Reports say the actor may want to explore other options since his relationship with the Can’t Be Tamed singer is crumbling.

However Miley is not for the idea at all. A source told, “No way in hell are they having an open relationship! That’s not the way Miley was raised, she has morals. She’s making sure that she gives Liam his space because she doesn’t want to be needy and they’re still working through stuff, but there’s absolutely no chance she’d agree to an open relationship.”

The insider added, “Miley is going through a wild phase, but she’s still the same girl underneath and she really believes in true love and soul mates and it’s just ridiculous to think she’d agree to that kind of arrangement!”

On the work front Liam is in talks to star in The Raven. reports that the film is a sci-fi conspiracy thriller, set in the near future.

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